Hi and welcome to Shared Safety and Risk. 
The purpose of this blog, like our business, is to provide you a different perspective on the world of work health and safety. We love the ongoing collaboration we have with our clients and tailoring innovative and sustainable solutions for them. 
Within this space, we’re hoping to deliver to you interesting and useful information on emerging health and safety issues, new ideas and some interesting client case studies.
My “one-man-band, multi-hat-wearing” clients often ask me where to go for easy to digest and health and safety information that is not just written by a regulator, lawyer or copywriter but an actual health and safety professional. As consultants, our goal is to be our clients’ trusted advisor and ‘extra pair of hands’ when things get busy. Seeing as you might be too busy to dig deep into health and safety on the web, we will trawl far and wide to show you what is happening in our industry.
So as someone who personally likes a good takeaway from a trusted source (be it our local Vietnamese or the UK HSE Executive!) I want to share, discuss and debate information here BUT enable you to always take something practical back to your life or workplace (or both).
Always feel free to call, email or message us to discuss any of your health, safety or risk management needs.