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Coaching & Monitoring

We provide ongoing face-to-face small group or phone coaching to assist with enabling leaders, developing safety coaches and shaping new habits.

Along your safety and change journey, we aim to be your trusted advisor and sounding board.


Through conducting independent WHS reviews, Shared Safety and Risk provides organisations a clear line of sight in respect to how effective their current health and safety arrangements are.

Our reviews verify whether an organisation’s safety arrangements (including system design, implementation and engagement) are effectively eliminating and controlling safety risks.

Risk profiling

Determining your greatest workplace health and safety issues and what risk control measures are required is the most effective starting point for creating your organisation’s health and safety vision and executing what’s required.

Shared Safety and Risk can parter and support you through this process from end to end.

WHS Gap Analysis

Shared Safety and Risk can determine where your organisation is now with regards to managing work health and safety and bridging the gap to where you need to be.

We listen to what your operational and WHS goals are and work out the steps to get you there.

We have a comprehensive working knowledge of relevant work health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice but will always provide you with practical solutions.


Sometimes you need audits for compliance, sometimes for certification and sometimes, for self assurance.

Even when that’s the case, we always make sure our experienced and professional auditors add value and promote business improvement.

Culture Transformation

We use validated surveys, focus groups and consultation to establish a temperature check of your current culture around health and safety.

Finding your organisations WHY around safety and coaching workers and coaching workers and leaders to interact and communicate around safety and promote situational awareness creates a transformed and engaged culture around health and safety. 


Training programs & workshops

We love facilitating engaging and idea-provoking training sessions and workshops customised for your organisation.

From general health and safety awareness, practical risk management training, to safety culture, leadership and company specific topics.

Talk to us about how we can engage your workers in health and safety.

Systems development

WHS systems are a formal, top-down foundation for the management of risk.

Critical for demonstrating due diligence and legal compliance, Shared Safety and Risk develop bespoke systems aligning with your risk profile and organisational needs.

We consult with you all the way to ensure systems are dynamic and effective.

Ergonomic Assessments

From our perspective workplace, equipment and job design is a critical factor in the prevention of injury.

Our approach to ergonomics is to assess the whole person, their environment and their work tasks so that issues related to manual handling, computer and device usage are eliminated wherever possible.



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